About Weight Watchers At Work

PrintAs an employer or manager, you are probably well-aware that healthy employees, ones within a healthy Body Mass Index (BMI) range, are linked to lower healthcare costs and premiums, increased productivity, less absenteeism, higher morale and heightened self-esteem. When people feel good about themselves, they can’t help but perform their best. They take pride in what they do, professionally and personally.

  • From five to thousands of employees
  • At factories, hospitals, insurance companies, non-profits, religious communities…
  • Linked to lower healthcare costs and premiums, increased productivity, & less absenteeism

Helping to experience these results is as easy as partnering with us through our Business Connect program. We can offer this service to organizations with a staff of five all the way up to a thousand employees or more. And we tailor-make the program based on the type and model of your organization, taking into consideration remote staff, field offices, etc. We’re very adept at this. Currently, we collaborate with businesses and organizations of all sizes and types, such as schools, property managers and landlords (residential, office and retail), factories, unions, insurance companies, non-profits, religious communities, hospitals, retail, and service-oriented and professional organizations and companies. In other words, just about any entity can benefit.

In a nutshell:
Your staff of 15 or more can attend meetings at your facility (watch our At Work video to learn more) or if you have less than 15, participants can attend any of our weekly meetings located in hundreds of communities (watch our Learn About Weight Watchers video). For larger organizations, participants can have the choice of either and if you want to offer Weight Watchers to family members of your staff as well, we have you covered.

Here’s more on this amazing program:

At Work Video

Learn About Weight Watchers Video


It’s really that easy!

bug_107623_5reasons_workWW1-1Why Weight Watchers? That’s easy, too! Weight Watchers is the platinum standard when it comes to workplace health strategies and disease prevention via effective and safe weight loss and management. What makes us the best in the industry is our experience, proven and flexible eating plans, powerful group support sessions and the many tools, apps and resources we provide to enhance each of our member’s weight-loss experience.

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