The anatomy of a Workshop

Members love Virtual Workshops with a 97% satisfaction rate:†

Start with a private wellness check-in

Before your workshop, weigh in at home, reflect on your week, and log your progress in the WW app.  Want a little added accountability and support? The WW Group has it. Weigh yourself and send it to our office. We’ll update our records AND if you’d like a personal one-on-one phone call with a WW Coach, we’ll do that.

Learn new science-based strategies for weight loss from a WW Coach

We’ll help you make simple changes that build powerful habits each week, with topics like The Truth About Carbs, Portion Control, and Learning Self-Compassion.

Get tips & tricks from members who understand the journey

Discuss how to best incorporate new concepts into your life with your Coach and fellow members.  We’re here for you — you’re here for each other.

Very inspirational to help me stay on track during this time.

Was very easy to join & great to meet other members!

Feeling refocused for the next week & aiming for a loss, too.

†Pulled from survey responses from 35,000+ members.