Ontario Studios-Temporary Closed

One of the founding principles of WW is to “meet our members where they are.” While the lockdowns and restrictions imposed by COVID-19 has made it more challenging, our commitment to our members has never wavered. We have worked hard to be agile and innovative in the past year, transforming our workshop experience from in-person to virtual; and in recent months, some of our WW locations have been able to open with limited-attendance workshops.
Over the past year, you’ve shared that not knowing if your Workshop is open has been challenging, and not being able to secure a spot at your limited attendance Workshop has also been tough. We have also heard that you remain concerned about Covid, especially with new variants emerging, and the uncertainty around vaccine availability. We believe that WW should do all we can to minimize the spread of Covid and put the safety of our team and members first. As a result, we have made the decision to pause access to all of our WW Studio and Studio@ locations in Canada for the near term, as of February 14th. When conditions are favourable, we plan to begin staged reopenings of physical locations; hopefully in 4 to 8 weeks.
You’ve told us you value the coaching, community and the accountability of Workshops. With nearly 12 months of experience, we are proud of how well Virtual Workshops deliver on those requirements. If you haven’t experienced a Virtual Workshop recently, please join us on a day and time that works best for you. Members who attend tell us virtual workshops are very convenient, and have been a critical part of their wellness and weight loss journeys. On the WW app, you can find Workshop schedules and links to join as well as a robust National Calendar of Virtual Workshops with something available each and every day.