How to track on the WW app

Find out why tracking is so important to weight loss, and how easy it is in the WW app.

Why should I track? 

Research shows that tracking helps you lose and maintain your weight. It makes you aware of what you’re eating, how much you’re eating, and how many SmartPoints you’re using. Along the way, you’ll start to recognize healthier choices, too. You can do it in the WW app, on, or with plain ol’ paper and pen.

You don’t have to track ZeroPoint™ foods on myWW, but it is important to track foods that have SmartPoints® values.

Did we mention that every day that you track healthy behaviors you’ll earn Wins that you can redeem for real-life rewards? That’s a pretty good reason to do it, too. 

How to track foods that have SmartPoints

You’ll want to keep track of your SmartPoints® values as you use them—the easiest, fastest way is on the WW app.

  1. Type a food into the My Day search bar on either the app or website. (For example, “chicken.”) 
  2. Hit “Search” and select the food you want to track, with the serving size and meal time.
  3. Click ‘Track Food.’ Done!

​Want an even faster way to track? Scan the nutrition label of any packaged food with the barcode scanner in the WW app. 

Tips for successful tracking

  • Be honest

Don’t worry, no one else is going to see it, so keep it real!

  • Be accurate

Measure and weigh foods that have a SmartPoints value when you can, or use some of these simple techniques to help you estimate portions.

  • Be kind

Do that for yourself. Tracking isn’t about being perfect. It’s about doing the best you can. Miss a day? No worries: focus on small, simple things (like planning your next meal) and that’ll help you get back on track.

To help you learn the ins-and-outs of tracking and your app, we offer free app academies and 24/7 chat support.