All about ZeroPoint foods

3 fast facts

  • ZeroPoint foods can help you get to your goal: WW clinical trials show that members can eat ZeroPoint foods without tracking or measuring and still lose weight, no matter which color they’re on! 
  • They’re good for you: ZeroPoint foods were specifically chosen because the World Health Organization guidelines recommend eating them more frequently than other foods as part of a healthy pattern of eating. 
  • ZeroPoint foods are tough to overeat: Sure, you could eat 13 bananas, but would you want to? Probably not. And that definitely wouldn’t fit in with a healthy pattern of eating. People don’t tend to go wild with ZeroPoint foods, which is one reason you don’t have to measure or track them. But keep in mind, they’re not all you can eat. Your ZeroPoint list is there to signal how often to dig in, not how much.

What makes ZeroPoint foods so great?

  1. You don’t have to buy anything special. They’re regular, everyday foods, so you don’t have to eat differently from your friends.
  2. You have tons of options. You’ll always have something delicious to eat, even with only a few SmartPoints to spend
  3. Tracking is simple. Remember when we said that you don’t have to measure or track these foods? It’s true.

Why do some colors have more ZeroPoint foods than others? 

The myWW program is designed to be freeing and flexible for different types of people by taking into account different ways of eating. Each color offers a balance of ZeroPoint foods and SmartPoints. The color with the most ZeroPoint foods has the lowest SmartPoints Budget, and the one with the fewest ZeroPoint foods has the highest SmartPoints Budget. 

Do colors with more (or fewer) ZeroPoint foods provide better weight loss?

Nope! Each color promotes a similar healthy rate of weight loss. The one that we recommend for you is the one that allows you the most freedom and flexibility (or structure, if you prefer) and that helps you develop and sustain healthy habits. If a color with more ZeroPoint foods helps you stick with it, then that’s the one that will provide better weight loss! If a color with fewer ZeroPoint helps you stick with it, then that one will help you lose the most weight. (Keep in mind that people will experience different rates of weight loss depending on their initial weight, and whether or not they meet their SmartPoints Budget.)