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Our mission is to bring 50 years of Weight Watchers success to our meeting room Members, helping them to safely and effectively lose weight and keep it off. We’re able to accomplish this by combining the proven Weight Watchers weight loss plan, with our meetings and Weight Watchers apps and digital tools.  It’s important to know that Weight Watchers Members who attend meetings and use our apps and digital tools lose  8x more weight than those people who try to lose weight on our own.  Why is this combination so important? Because we take our Members BEYOND THE SCALE.  Sure, weight loss is important, but so is developing more confidence, and experiencing life as as participant rather than a spectator. We encourage our Members to reward themselves for milestones achieved and to look for new adventures.


Why partner with us?

Few brands are as strong as Weight Watchers. We have a proven track record and we speak to tens of thousands of people, offering information, advice, encouragement and the best weight loss experience. Our meeting members are loyal, involved, committed to becoming healthier from the inside out and have household buying power. They are always looking for products and services that will enhance their new lifestyle. Approved partners receive the highest level of exposure when they invest in our entire Digital Marketing package. They also receive the maximum impact at an extremely affordable cost. If the entire package is well-beyond your needs as a business, we also offer an ala carte menu.


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Donna DeMarco