We are thrilled to introduce you to Beyond the Scale. This new program--based on what we know our Members want, as well as the latest science-- helps our members eat more healthfully. It includes all the features Members have always loved, but now includes updated formulas to boost the plan.

Beyond the Scale also focuses on your mind, body and spirit because we know that taking care of yourself is crucial to your success. We encourage you to tap into your inner strengths and be good to yourself-because it helps you live happier and healthier.

Weight Watchers is using a new system called SmartPoints, based on the latest nutritional science to make healthy eating simple. SmartPoints promotes foods that are higher in protein, lower in sugar and saturated fats.

And.....all our apps and digital tools have been enhanced with new features to maximize your Weight Watchers experience in between your weekly meetings. Members who attend meetings regularly and who use OnlinePlus lose more weight than those who try to lose weight on their own.

Our Approach

At Weight Watchers, we think you're amazing. We know you have what it takes to live a happy fulfilling life. Not only when you fit into a certain pair of pants or hit a number on the scale, but always. Whatever you want to do along with losing weight---eat better, be your best self, find a new sport--we'll help you get there.

Together, we'll come up with a customized food and activity plan to help you feel better, look better and have more energy. At your meeting, you'll get weekly motivation from an actual human who's been in your shoes and succeeded, expert answers and advice 24/7, a like-minded community, handy food and activity trackers, thousands of meal ideas and practically every healthy-living tool you can imagine!

Click here to find a meeting and to get current pricing and offers.Weight Watchers changes people inside and out.

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    Stuffed Portobello with creamy spinach-artichoke filling Serve 4 at 3 PointsPlus value by Chef Isabella Ingredients: 1 tsp. olive oil 3 garlic cloves, minced 4 large Portobello mushrooms, stemmed, gills removed 2 oz. Fat free cream...
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