Introducing the Simple Start Plan

A no-brainer approach to get off to a good start

Simple Start is a simple, straightforward plan. It’s a two week starter plan that gives you simple meal ideas, including delicious, good-for-you foods, plus room for small indulgences. It’s designed to get you started with early weight loss and on the path to long-term success. Read More >

Why Join Weight Watchers?

We’re dedicated to inspiring and helping you adopt a healthier way to live, so you can successfully lose weight and keep it off. When you follow the Weight Watchers plan, you get an integrated approach that combines smarter eating, healthy habits, exercise and supportive weekly meetings. You'll learn to choose delicious foods that keep you feeling fuller for longer. There are absolutely no required foods, and the Weight Watchers program gives you the flexibility to enjoy treats — which is important to long-term weight loss success. Florine Mark lost the weight — and she’s kept it off for over 30 years! Hundreds of Weight Watchers meeting locations are conveniently located near you. So what are you waiting for?